SCADA, PLC Automation System

SCADA stands for supervisory Control & Data Acquisition but it is term often used for data collection & presentation. Scada is normally a software package designed to display information, log data & show alarms. This can be graphical and tabular and can involve words and pictures. The software would normally be installed on a computer and all the various signals would be worked back to the central point (CPU).

SCADA can be used to monitor and control plant or equipment. The control may be automatic, or initiated by operator commands. The data acquisition is accomplished firstly by the RTU’s (remote terminal units). The central host will scan the RTU’s will report in data can be of three main types:
⦁ Analogue data (ex – real numbers) will be trended (ex – placed in graphs).
⦁ Digital Data (On/Off) may have alarms attached to one state or the other state.
⦁ Pulse data (ex- counting revolutions of a meter).

Techical Info
# Model LFS1
1 Switch Micro Switch
2 Float Material P.P.
3 Cable Specification Neoprene, 0.75mm2 X 3C
4 Contact Rating 15A, 230 V AC
5 Switch NO or NC or SPDT
6 Operating Temp. 0 C – 50 C
7 Pressure 1kg/cm2
8 Actuation Angle 28 + 2
9 Cable Length IP 68
10 Cable Length 3m/5m/10m/15m length
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