Cable Float Level Switch


The float level switch is made from resistant polypropylene. It is durable, economical, maintenance-free & easy to install. And specially designed for multiple point level detection in liquids. Its hermetic sealed, polypropylene body makes it suitable for sewage application. The switching ON or OFF differential is adjusted by a counterweight on the cable.

The switches will transmit an ON or OFF contact signal output when the float rises and turns upwards. The switch contains a metal ball that can side as the float position changes.

Raw Water, Sewage, Open or Close Pits, ETP, STP, Waste Water, pump dry run protection

Techical Info
# Model LFS1
1 Switch Micro Switch
2 Float Material P.P.
3 Cable Specification Neoprene, 0.75mm2 X 3C
4 Contact Rating 15A, 230 V AC
5 Switch NO or NC or SPDT
6 Operating Temp. 0 C – 50 C
7 Pressure 1kg/cm2
8 Actuation Angle 28 + 2
9 Cable Length IP 68
10 Cable Length 3m/5m/10m/15m length
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