Diesel Flow Meter Digital

The digital over gear flow meters are used for flow measurement of low, medium viscosity fluids such as diesel, fuel, lubricant oil and other special fluids compatible with the constructions material. Electronic card with microprocessor enables accurate LCD display and working calibration of the flow meter.
Oval gear flow meters are a type of positive displacement meter. As liquid through the meter, pair of oval shaped gears is forced to rotate by the flow of the liquid. These gears mesh together & force a finite amount of liquid through the meter. A sensor or mechanical drive detects the rotation of the gears to determine the displaced volume of liquid. The faster the flow rate, the faster the gear turns.

Diesel, Oil, Fuel, etc.

Easy maintenance.
low pressure drop.

Techical Info
# Model LF-DF-D-25 LF-DF-D-40 LF-DF-D-50
1 Line Size 25mm 40mm 50mm
2 Min. Flow rate 12 L/m 25 L/m 30 L/m
3 Max. Flow rate 120 L/m 250 L/m 300 L/m
4 Body MOC Aluminium Aluminium Aluminium
5 Accuracy +0.5% +0.5% +0.5%
6 Max. Viscosity 1000 CPS 1000 CPS 1000 CPS
7 Max. Pressure 3.4 Mpa 1.8 Mpa 1.8 Mpa
8 Display LCD, with push button reset
9 Supply Batter Operated
10 Connection Threaded
11 Optional Remote Display
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