Float & Chord Level Indicator

Float and chord level indicator means of measuring liquid level in large storage tanks. The level of liquid can be physically read even from a greater distance, by noting the position of pointer moving up and down on scale board.
Float devices use the buoyancy of a float to indicate the liquid level in the tank. One common approach is to attach the float to a chain. The chain is attached to a counterweight which indicates the level as the float moves up and down. These types of device are often found on large atmospheric storage tanks.

Storage Tanks, Large Oil & liquid tanks, FO Oil, Acids, Chemical, Diesel, etc.

Suitable for large storage tanks.
For Overhead & Underground Tanks.

Techical Info
# Model LFFC
2 Mounted Overhead / Underground Tanks
3 Measuring Range 1 – 10 mtr.
4 Pulley SS / PP
5 Pulley Housing Aluminium
6 Float MOC SS / PP
7 Scales Graduated, M.S. Power Coated
8 Wires SS
9 Anchor bar M.S.
10 Pipe G.I
10 Pointer Red
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