Glass/Tubular Level Gauge

Heavy duty Glass tube level indicator is a simple & reliable device for direct reading in atmospheric or pressurized tank application. Mounted side of the tank through flange or threaded connection. Liquid inside the tank passes through a transparent glass tube & liquid can be viewed through the glass tube and measured by a scale mounted on the gauge. Glass Tube (Borosilicate) is fully Protected by C – Cut frame.
These gauges are custom manufactured according to the C-c distance reuired.It is available in single length of 2000 mm C-C Distance. We can extend the C-C length by PVC tube.
We are providing Air Vent Plug at top & drain plug at bottom for taking sample. We can also provide Inbuilt Isolation Valve on request. PP construction is made with all PP isolation valves & internals.

Liquid,, Diesel, Oil, Condensate , Chemicals, Beverages, acids, etc.

Continuous level indication without power supply
Compare to Reflex & Transparent type Level Gauge, this Tubular Level Indicator is light in weight.
Made in various MOC.

Techical Info
# Model LFG1
1 MOC CS / SS / PP
2 C – C Distance 0.4 – 2 mtr / Other
3 Tube Borosilicate / PP
4 Glass protector M.S. C-Cut Frame
5 Process Temperature Amb.
6 Pressure 10 kg / cm2
7 Process Connection Flanged / Threaded
8 Valves Integral Isolation Valve
9 Scale Graduated
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