Magnetic Bi- Colour Level Indicator

Magnetic Level Indicator float moves with level in external chamber (cage) which is coupled with the tank.
Indication display mechanism does not come in direct contact with the liquid media. Special designed cylindrical magnetic float as per density of liquid. Magnetically coupled follower capsule or roller or ball indicates the liquid level externally.
Indicator system is consists of bi-colour rollers equipped with magnets mounted on rail inside the housing. As the level starts rising or falling magnetic float also travels with liquid level in non-magnetic chamber. The magnetic interaction between magnets in float and bi-colour rollers causes each roller to rotate 180o. These red / white rollers are visible from long distance, giving a good visual indication visibility. Models are available with side & top mounting designs.

Liquid, Acids, machines, food, Diesel, Oil, Condensate, Chemicals, Beverages, etc.

Visible level changes are shown by the flag display.
Compact & easy to install.
Rugged, Life long, good visibility.
Optional – Level switches for alarm or controlling.
Optional – Level transmitters with 4 – 20 mA signal output.
SS304, SS 316 & PP version for acid applications.

Techical Info
# Model LFMBC
1 MOC CS / SS / PP
2 Mounted Side / Top
3 C – C Distance(Measuring Range) Upto 3 mtr
4 Chamber MOC SS / PP
5 Indicator Red & White Bi- Colour Magnetic roller flapper strip
6 Float MOC SS 304 / SS316 / PP
7 Operating Pressure 15 bar / 60 bar
8 Process Connection Flanged
9 Drain Valves SS / PP
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