Magnetic Float Level Switch

The single Point or multiple reed switch units are housed tightly in SS or PP, and the permanent magnet is sealed into the middle of the specified float ball. The float up and down at the specified position by graduating rings.
When the float internal magnet approaches the reed switch, it will actuate the reed switch contact point to create an open or close circuit.
Sensors are available in SS/PP moc & made in different lengths for single or multiple levels sensing of liquids. SS are used in food grade and high temperature application.

Diesel, generator facilities, petrochemical, Condensate, acids, chemical, beverages, milk, juices, oil, cooling tower, etc.

Multiple point level switches in single level switch.
Employing to power actuate the reed switch requires no power
These float level switches are more cost effective than other level switches in terms of multiple points.
The housing protection is at least IP65.
The reed switch and lead wire are isolated with liquids absolutely.

Techical Info
# Model LFS3
1 MOC SS304 / SS316 / PP
2 Operating Temperature 120 Deg. C (45 Deg. C for PP models)
3 Operating Pressure 10 kg/cm2
4 Mounting Top
5 Switch Contact Rating 1Amp. each
6 Housing Aluminium/PP
7 Connection Flange/Threaded
8 Pipe Length Upto 3000mm
9 Supply 24V DC
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