Plastic Helical Flow Sensor & Meter

LFIA developed and produced helical rotor flow meter specially for Liquid dispensing industries, water dispensing industries use plastic turbines flow meter its k factor change with flow rate so for solution we developer helical rotor plastic flow meter with same pulse k factor for full range also provide very good accuracy and repeatability in full range of measurement,
Helical flow meters are positive displacement meters with very favorable low pressure drop behavior, therefore perfectly suited for the flow measurement of very high viscosity fluids.
Due to which measuring range, high accuracy and resolution helical flow meters are an excellent choice for adhesive dispense systems, as well as batching systems for various fluids.

High Accuracy, Pressure up to 25 bar, compared with other positive displacement meters, High resolution, Resistant to corrosion by advanced materials and bearings

Light and heavy fuel oil,Petrochemical products,Fat and oils with varying viscosities and fluids,Water / glycol mixtures,Water dispensing, tea /coffee/wine/juice and other food liquid measurement

Techical Info
# Model Plastic Helical
1 Enclosure PA66
2 Rotor PA66
3 Accuracy (standard installation position) +/-0.5 or 1% FSD
4 Repeatability 0.05%
5 Maximum working pressure 2.5 MPa
6 Fluid & Ambient temperature -40 to 120 Deg. C
7 Connection Thread (M)
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