RF – Capacitance Level Switch

RF level sensors are the Capacitance level detectors which are sometimes called as admittance level sensors. These sensors make use of radio frequency balanced impedance bridge circuit to find out whether the probe is in touch with the process material whose level is going to be detected. 
RF-Capacitance level switch is appropriate for application in liquid and solid mediums. Design and sensing electric unit makes it suitable for sticky media, large hoppers and storage bins. The switch is easily thread mounted an the tank and is highly reliable in operation.
RF-Capacitance level switch consists of a guard section, upper insulation, main probe and grounding. It consists of a conductive probe which serves as one of the capacitor plate, and the vessel wall which forms the other plate of capacitor since it is also prepared from a conductive material. The isolation between these two plates of capacitor is provided via an insulating process material having low dielectric constant. Now, for measurement purpose, an RF signal is applied between the two capacitor plates which cause a little flow of current from the conductive probe to the vessel wall via process material. The probe works as an antenna to sense the frequency. “When the level in the tank drops and the probe is exposed to the even less conductive vapours, the dielectric constant drops. This causes a drop in the capacitance reading and a minute drop in current flow. This change is detected by the level switch’s internal circuitry and translated into a change in the relay state of the level switch.

Liquids, syrups, solids, powder, cement, sugar, flour, power milk, rice, granules, chemical, etc.

Time delay function from 0-30 seconds.
IP 65 Protection.
Easy installation, durable, rugged
Suitable for sticky application, solids, powder
No moving parts

Techical Info
# Model LFS6
1 Probe SS, PTFE Insulated
2 Housing Aluminium, Weather Proof
3 Operating Temperature 70 Deg. C / above 60(different model)
4 Supply 230 V AC
5 Protection IP 65
6 Safety. FSL/FSH, switching points
7 Contact Rating 2 C/O SPDT, 5Amp.
8 Connection 11/2” BSP SS Male Thread
9 Cable Entry 1 Nos. Standard
10 Mounting Screwed BSP Standard or Flanged(Optional)
11 Insulated Material PTFE
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