Side Mounted Level Switch

Side mount level switches are designed for use in tanks and vessels for indicating or controlling the level of a liquid.
They work well as high or low level controls. Its operating principal is magnetic & wetted part construction in SS.
When the float magnet moves close to the switch stem, the float magnet repels the switch magnet which either opens or closes the Electrical circuit. The contact can be used to operate a pump or any device connected in series to it. These switches can either be supplied in weather proof cast aluminium switch housing.

Water, Condensate Water, Juice, Chemical, Beverages, etc.

Rugged, Economical point level sensing.
Low & high temp.
Easy installation & operation
SS wetted part

Techical Info
# Model LFS2
1 MOC SS304.SS316
2 Housing Aluminium
3 Contact Type SPDT Potential Free Contact-Microswitch
4 Contact rating 5A, 230 V AC
5 Process Temp. 10-150-250 deg. C
6 Connection SS Flange/Threaded
7 Switching Differential 15=5 mm
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