Submersible Level Transmitter

Submersible level transmitter probe are compact device for continuous level measurement of non-aggressive liquids (without solid impurities) in non-pressurised tanks, vessels, reservoirs, sumps & tanks.
Probe consists highly stable piezo resistive sensor and precise evaluation electronics in stainless steel housing. Probe is sealed, thus protect its pressure from mechanical damage. A cable is integral of probe, consists of 2 wires & a capillary tube comes in various range as per requirement. Other end of capillary tube is kept open to atmosphere for air to flow freely (for atm. pressure compensation).
Transmitter is simply hanged inside tank through its cable. The sensor transducer is enclosed in a liquid tight SS316 hosing and assembled to a liquid proof cable. Due to liquid static pressure inside tank, transducer signal is converted into 4-20 mA( 2 wire) output is correspond to liquid level accurately. The change in level is detected by comparing the pressure difference between pressure of water column over the probe & atmospheric through capillary tube. This generates a output signal which is converted into 4-20mA (2-wire) signal.

Long measuring range, customised length.
Extension Cable, Flanged model
IP 68 sealed probe of SS
Easy to install, operate, no moving part, high accurate.
Special polyurethane cable ensuring more flexible & endurable.
Reliable, Economical.

Techical Info
# Model LFT1
1 Sensor Material SS 316L
2 Measuring Range 5/10 mtrs – 100mtrs
3 Cable Polyethylene
4 Process Temeperature Amp.
5 Compensation Full Scale
6 Protection. IP68
7 Supply 24V DC loop
8 Output 4-20 mA, 2 wire
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