Vibration Fork Level Switch

The piezoelectric component is used to drive the vibration fork and feedback signal, when produces the resonation on the fork. When the fork comes into contact with material, the fork will release some frequency signal. It will be converted into the output to the signal. The vibrating frequency causes tuning forks to vibrate free inside the tank when forks are not covered with any media. Once the media covers the tuning forks, it causes damping of vibrations. The damping effect of vibrating forks is sensed by an equal circuitry which in turns gives an output electronic signal which in turn actuates a relay.
The Vibration fork level switch can be widely applied to detect the min. and max. Level in tanks, silos and hoppers filled with materials of different applications.

Powdered Milk, Coffee Powder, Tea, Salt, Flour, Animal Foods, Peanuts, Powdered Cellulose, Granules, Oil, Drink & Beverages, Rice, etc.

Suitable for the highly dusty environment.
No frequent calibration required easy to use and durable design.
Suitable for liquid, powder and solid application.
SPDT relay Output

Techical Info
# Model LFS4
1 Fork Material SS
2 Fork Length Std. : 200mm, upto 3000 mm
3 Operating Temperature 70-150 deg. C
4 Output 2 C/O SPDT, 5amp, 230V PNP/NPN with DC Mains
5 Supply 230 V AC
6 Housing Material Aluminium, Weather Proof
7 Protection IP 65
8 Cable Entry 2nos. PG16
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