Walk through Sanitizer Tunnel

Door and tunnel type attractive design in which two side enclosed with SS / Fibre sheet / Heavy Flex and
other two side are open for entry and exit purpose, it is also enclosed with plastic sheets. When human
enters in the tunnel, then sensor at that time sensors, which are placed top and side centre sense the
human body and gives output to the circuit and circuit gets activate the whole system. All nozzles get
activated and start the spray towards centre of the tunnel and all nozzle sprays on the human body and it
will automatically stop after 5 -10 seconds, because 10 sec is enough for sanitization. So this machine can
sanitize 4 – 5 humans in a minute and 240-300 humans in an hour.


  • 360 degree Fog Spray
  • Provision of sensor to detect person entering the tunnel.
  • Disinfectant spraying system from top as well as from sides to.
  • Completely sanitize the person going through the tunnel.
  • Technical Specification
    # Model LF-west
    1 Structure MOC SS, MS
    2 Sheet MOC SS, Fibre, Heavy Duty Flex
    3 Total No. of Sanitizer Nozzle 9 Nos.
    4 Tank for Sanitizer Storage 40Ltr(optional: 100,200,300,500)
    5 Circuit for Automation 1 to 10 second
    6 LED Light 1 No.
    7 Pump System 1Nos.
    8 Piping for Sanitizer Flow Included
    9 Size 6.5ft (H) x 3ft (W) x 2.5 ft (D)
    8ft (H) x 5ft (w) x 8ft (D)
    10 Supply 220V Ac
    11 Total Human Body Sensor 1No.
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